WHEN is offering video files to support broadcast reports of the WHEN HIV AIDS Briefing, held in London on November 23rd and to provide broadcast material for

World Aids Day, December 1st

To view these videos, or download for broadcast, go to the WHEN Video Page.

The views offered by these presenters in the videos and text clips do not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsoring organisations.

The Keynote Presentation was given by Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, current Co-Director of AIDS-Free World and Professor in Global Health,  McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Excerpts can be viewed or downloaded from the WHEN Video Page, selecting "Keynote Video" tab.

The full text of the Keynote Presentation is available here (PDF).


The latest PSA on Children and AIDS featuring Roger Federer (courtesy UNICEF) and a selection of video clips illustrating various aspects of HIV AIDS, are available from the WHEN Video Page under the "Additional Video" tab.

Key UK, European and International Agencies presented new data, initiatives and plans at the WHEN briefing. Video statements by the agency representatives can be viewed or downloaded for broadcast, from the WHEN Video Page, selecting "Guest Speakers" tab.
Helena Vines Fiestas


Oxfam briefing paper PDF (960Kb):

Investing for Life

Cornelius Oepen

GTZ Germany

Presentation PowerPoint (900Kb)

Global Financing Mechanisms - Opportunities and Challenges
Ben Duncan

European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control

Presentation PowerPoint (5.7Mb)

European HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data

Jeff Lazarus

WHO Regional Office for Europe

Presentation PowerPoint (1.4Mb)

HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care
Clinical protocols for the WHO European Region
Lital Hollander


Presentation PowerPoint (3.5Mb):

Reaching the Invisible
Rifat Atun

Imperial College

Presentation PowerPoint (250Kb):

The Dublin Declaration, Beyond Promises
Sarah Bernays

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Presentation PowerPoint (420Kb):

Fragile access to HIV treatment and Stigma: the experience of living with HIV in Serbia and Montenegro
Lisa Power

Terence Higgins Trust

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